Small shoulder bag

6530 Bege

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Dimensions L 7 x W 27 x H 21 cm


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Mala pequena a tiracolo com três bolsos (principal, frontal e traseiro), todos com fecho de metal. Três bolsos interiores e logótipo em metal aplicado diretamente na pele.


Know more about the bag
Small shoulder bag with three pockets (main, front and back), all with metal fasteners. Three interior pockets and metal logo applied directly to the leather. Outside: 100% bovine leather Inside: 52% Cotton; 48% Polyester
Bag Care
Create lasting bonds with your Elenco bag, avoiding prolonged exposure to intense light and contact with oily products, solvents or alcohol (such as perfume, for example). Protect it from heavy rain and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces that can damage the skin. In dark-toned Elenco bags, avoid prolonged contact with light-colored fabrics, especially in damp environments; in light-toned Cast bags, avoid friction with other materials or prints whose colors may wear off (such as jeans, for example). We also advise you to store your Elenco suitcase in the cloth bag we offer you with each order, away from sources of light, humidity and heat.
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